A short story by Jorge Luis Borges, The Library of Babel.
The brief asked to interpret the story in three different versions using:

- text (ORDER)
- text and image (OBSESSION)
- wordless (INFINITY)

The 4th book named PROCESS shows the process of thinking and making.
All books share a very crafted, detailed feel so the case was made brutal
and very robust in order to achieve contrast.  


Made out of concrete it weights 59 kg and was packed in the specially
made shockproof box coming all the way from Latvia. 

OBSESSION (text + image)

The author carries a certain feature throughout the text  - obsession.
In this book I’m showing obsession using text as image.  
Each word has been taken out of the text, alphatised and then handwritten
multiple times to creat these beautiful and unique patterns. 

INFINITY (wordless)

Pop-up book - all hand drawn, every circle is unique and different. 
This book shares the author's description of how each and every
book in the Library is one of a kind.

ORDER (text)

Author in his story has mentioned 5 shelves with 35 books
in each so I have kept this concept - 5 lines of text with exactly
35 letters in each causing chaotic line breaks.
“Disorder only exists if there is order.” (J.L. Borges)


The 4th book shows the process of thinking and making.